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Optimized PCR-Mastermix for capillary-based Thermocyclers

Overview qPCR mastermixes for capillary based cyclers

  • PCR Master Mix Eva1-LC -The proven PCR-Master Mix of the Safe-Line. Now, optimized for Roche Light Cycler
  • PCR Master Mix EVA2-LC - EvaLine: all mastermixes of the qPCR-Line include dUTP, optimized for capillary-based cyclers - when quality counts
  • PCR Master Mix EVA3-LC - Optimized Master Mix for capillary-based PCR-Thermocyclers
  • PCR Master Mix EVA4-LC - The best-seller of the EVA-Line: Safe-accurate-optimized for capillary-PCR mixture

Advantages of qPCR and RTD-PCR Mastermixes from GeneON:

- All mastermixes are optimized for the use in capillary based Thermocycler like "Roche Light Cycler"
- The Master Mixes contain dUTP. This prevent carry-over contamination of  previous PCR reactions using
  UDG treatment
- The Master Mixes contain a Hot-start enzyme which needs only a short first denaturation step of less
  than 3 minutes
- The Master Mixes are ready-to-use; all components: Hot-start enzyme, dATP, dCTP, dGTP, dUTP,
   reaction buffer with KCl and MgCl2, special enhancer and stabilizers are optimized
- PCR-grade water is provided
- The amount of reactions is calculated for 50µl PCR assays

For capillary based Cyclers

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Nazwa produktu / Producent Nr katalogowy Opakowanie Cena brutto  
qPCR Master Mix EVA1-LC (SafeLine: EvaGreen, dUTP)
S150LC 100 react.
108,86 €
qPCR Master Mix EVA2-LC (SafeLine: EvaGreen, dUTP, UNG)
S160LC 100 react.
127,31 €
qPCR Master Mix EVA3-LC (SafeLine: EvaGreen, dUTP, ROX)
S170LC 100 react.
110,70 €
qPCR Master Mix EVA4-LC (SafeLine: EvaGreen, dUTP, UNG, ROX)
S180LC 100 react.
127,31 €
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