λ-DNA/ Sty I Digest

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5 x 200 µg
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Features: Supplied in 6X Loading buffer

The StyI digest of phage-DNA yields the 11 fragments. Lambda DNA was completely digested by StyI, phenol extracted, ethanol precipitated, dissolved in 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0) and 1 mM EDTA. The marker is ready-to-use.

Usage: 0,5 µg/lane

Concentration: 0,2 µg/µl

Number of bands: 11 (19329*, 7743, 6223, 4254*, 3472, 2690, 1882, 1489, 925, 421, 74).

Phagen Lambda Sty I DNA marker DNA Sizer Loading:
Agarose Gel / Polyacrylamide Gel
- Vortex gently before using
- apply 0,5 µg  (agarose) or 0.5-0.9 µg (polyacrylamide gel) per 1 mm lane

See the graph for the percentage of the bands per band in ng, relating to 0.5 μg loaded marker. Use the same volume of DNA and marker. Additionally the concentration of loading buffer in samples and marker should be equal.

Dilute in TE or other buffer of minimal ionic strength. DNA may denature if diluted in dH2O and subsequently heated.
 *The cohesive ends (12b cos site of bacteriophage) of fragments 19329 bp and 4254 bp may anneal to and form the additional band. These fragments may be separated by heating to 65oC for 5 min and then cooling on ice for 3 min.

Transportation: Shipped on blue ice or room temperature

Storage: at -20°C for 24 months

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