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FastGene® IC Green w/ separate ROX (100 react.)

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100 react.
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No inhibition

It is well-known that SYBR green is extensively inhibiting the qPCR. This fact led to the development of SYBR resistant enzymes. An alternative approach is to develop a dye that does not inhibit the reaction. This dye is named FastGene® IC Green. FastGene® IC Green is an intercalating dye, only detecting double stranded DNA. By not inhibiting the reaction, the FastGene® IC Green enhances the processitivity enabling the detection of genes at a lower CT-value. The superior buffer chemistry enables the detection of low copy number genes, which with other dyes could not be detected. The comparison to competitors shows that FastGene® IC Green is one of the best qPCR mixes available. This has been confirmed by customers analyzing many different genes.


Robust chemistry for faster results

The FastGene® IC Green buffers were designed to have a superior robustness. This guarantees the linearity of the qPCR and creates a better accuracy, essential for reproducible results. Additionally, qPCRs can be performed at lower amplifcation times for example using fast protocols.


Universal and consistant - get reproducible results at any qPCR instrument

The FastGene® IC Green kit is universal. The reference dyes come in a separate vial and can be added once to the master mixes. Hence, this kit can be used with qPCR instruments which need a high ROX™ concentration as well as instruments that need a low concentration or no ROX™. There is even a special version with fluorescein.


Product Applications

  • Quantification of Gene Expression
  • Quantification of Gene Copy number
  • Melt-curve analysis
  • Detection of Gene Expression (Knock-out analysis)


Comparison of FastGene®  IC Green (blue) with the market leading competitors KB (yellow). The differences of the CT-values were under 1 cycle. Data was kindly provided by an independent researcher.


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