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MobiSpinColumn "F" with fixed outlet plug, inserted 10 um filter and screw cap

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Cena netto: 448,54 zł
50 szt.
Kod produktu:


  • Column with filters of 10 µm pore size
  • Column volume is 700 µl
  • Fill in the matrix of your choice
  • Can be centrifuged in 1.5 ml or 2 ml tubes and fits all common centrifuges
  • Autoclavable at 110 °C for 10 min


The MobiSpin Column "F" is convenient for diverse applications. You can fill in your matrix of your choice and spin the column in every common centrifuge in 1.5 ml oder 2 ml cups. For prefilled MobiSpin Columns "F" please see the related products.
For example you can use MobiSpin Columns "F" with gel filtration matrix for:


  • Removal of unicorporated dyes or dye terminators for purification of DNA after labeling reactions
  • DNA purification prior to sequencing
  • Removal of free nucleotides
  • Oligonucleotide purification after synthesis


The column can be tightly closed with the screw cap. Snap off the outlet plug for emptying the column and use the reverse side of the plug for closing.


Przegląd i specyfikacja kolumienek

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