De-Plasma™ II

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Producent: TOKU-E
nr kat.: D030-10MG


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To help scientists fight and control Mycoplasma contamination, TOKU-E has developed DePlasma™ II, a cell culture treatment that consists of a proprietary mixture of five unique antimicrobial compounds with three separate anti-Mycoplasma targets.

DePlasma™ II is a potent and safe anti-Mycoplasma reagent which can be used to eliminate Mycoplasma contamination or can be used prophylactically to prevent contamination. DePlasma™ II has is non-toxic to most cell lines with an ED50 ten times larger than the treatment concentration.

Mycoplasma, the smallest living organisms currently known, are a unique genus of bacteria that lack cell walls and are a frequent cause of cell culture contamination in laboratories around the world. The small size and ubiquitous distribution of Mycoplasma account for their ability to go undetected in seemingly sterile cell cultures.

Cell cultures can become contaminated with Mycoplasma by introducing contaminated cells with Mycoplasma-free cells and/or using contaminated reagents. Mycoplasma contamination presents serious issues to researchers as it can cause alterations in various cell characteristics and processes which can lead to inaccurate experimental conclusions.


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