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NZY cfDNA Isolation kit

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Producent: NZYTech
nr kat.: MB46001


The NZY cfDNA Isolation Kit is engineered for the extraction of circulating DNA from human blood plasma and other cell-free fluids. The specially designed funnel architecture of the columns enables small elution volumes, yielding a highly concentrated DNA solution.

  • Starting Material:  Plasma, Serum
  • Scale: Miniprep
  • Format: Column, Silica membrane
  • Protocol time: Approx. 15 min/6 preps

The NZY cfDNA Isolation Kit, meticulously engineered for the extraction of circulating DNA from human blood plasma and other cell-free fluids, purifies DNA fragments ranging from 50 to 1000 base pairs (bp) with superior efficiency. A significant proportion of cell-free DNA in plasma originates from apoptotic cells, which often means a high degree of fragmentation. However, the fragmentation extent and the ratio of fragmented DNA to high molecular weight DNA are influenced by factors such as DNA origin (e.g., fetal, tumor, microbial DNA), the health of the blood donor, blood sampling procedure, and sample handling.

Efficient isolation of the smallest DNA fragments is critical for the performance of many downstream applications. The NZY cfDNA Isolation purification system is optimized for this task, allowing the efficient isolation of highly fragmented DNA in the 50–1000 bp range. Designed with the capability of isolating fragmented cell-free DNA from human EDTA plasma, serum, and bronchial lavage, the NZY cfDNA Isolation Kit has proven successful with other cell-free fluids, including urine and follicular fluid.

The specially designed funnel architecture of the NZY cfDNA Isolation columns enables elution volumes as minimal as 5-30 µL, yielding a highly concentrated DNA solution. The kit employs a cutting-edge bind-wash-elute methodology, commencing with a mixture of the sample and the binding buffer applied to the NZY cfDNA Isolation column. This allows the DNA to bind to a silica membrane. Two successive washing phases eliminate contaminants, ensuring the final elution comprises only the purest DNA, eluted with a buffer of 5 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.5 (5–30 μL).

NZY cfDNA Isolation is recommended for forensic technologies. To ensure the prevention of DNA contamination, the kit is subject to a rigorously controlled production process and employs ethylene oxide (EO) treatment to eliminate any amplifiable DNA that might be introduced during the manufacturing process. This treatment ensures any DNA, potentially introduced during production, is inactivated, preventing accidental human profile generation via PCR amplification. Ethylene oxide treatment has proven to be the preferred method to avert DNA profile contamination.

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Opakowanie 50 preps.

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