NZYTaq II 2x Green Master Mix

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Producent: NZYTech
nr kat.: MB35803


NZYTaq II 2× Green Master Mix is a premixed ready-to-use solution containing NZYTaq II DNA polymerase (MB354), which belongs to a new generation of DNA polymerases derived from Taq DNA polymerase with high processivity and robustness. The master mix contains dNTPs and reaction buffer at optimal concentrations for efficient amplification of a wide range of DNA templates up to 6 kb.

MgCl2 final concentration is 2.5 mM, allowing the implementation of a comprehensive range of PCR protocols. In addition, reactions assembled with NZYTaq II 2× Green Master Mix may be directly loaded onto agarose gels. There are two dyes (blue and yellow) present on the mix that allow monitoring the progress of electrophoresis. Resulting PCR products have an A-overhang and are suitable for cloning with NZYTech´s NZY-A PCR cloning kit (MB053) or NZY-A Speedy PCR cloning kit (MB137).


  • Convenient ready-to-use PCR master mix
  • Direct Gel Loading two dyes (blue and yellow)
  • High yields with minimal optimization
  • Robust amplification using a wide range of DNA templates
  • Leaves an A-overhang


  • Powerful PCR
  • Colony PCR
  • Generation of products for TA cloning


  • Product length: 0-6 kb
  • Hot-start-like capacity: no
  • Extension time: 15-30 sec/kb at 72 °C
  • 3´→5´ activity:  no
  • Product overhang:  3’-A
  • Storage conditions:  Store at -20 ºC
  • Shipping conditions: Shipped at 4 ºC to dry ice

NZYTaq II 2× Green Master Mix (0.2 U/μL)


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Opakowanie 1000 react.

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