TOX Transfection Control

nr kat.: D-001500-01-05
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Producent: Horizon Discovery Group
nr kat.: D-001500-01-05


An RNAi transfection control for human, mouse, or rat that allows high-throughput assessment of transfection efficiency based on cell death. This control is quick and easy to use, requiring only visual inspection of cells.

TOX Transfection Control provides a simple method for assessing transfection efficiency and is cytotoxic only when productively delivered into cells. Cells successfully transfected with the TOX Transfection Control typically undergo apoptosis and cell death within 24 to 48 hours.

This control is partcularly suited for high-throughput siRNA screening when a rapid visual inspection is useful to qualitatively confirm that transfection was successful.


  •     Novel control for qualitative assessment of transfection success in RNAi experiments
  •     Successful transfection leads to apoptosis and cell death in 24 to 48 hours
  •     Requires only visual inspection of cells - no downstream assays required

Experimental considerations

The TOX Transfection control, like other cell death controls, has demonstrated variation in the degree of cell death across different cell types. The efficacy of the control likely requires intact cellular mechanisms, including the apoptosis and interferon pathways. As with any RNAi control, assessment of efficacy in your particular cell type and assay conditions is recommended prior to larger scale use.

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